Quotes from Vitalis

From visitors:

“I have been here many times before and find it very rewarding. You get updated on the latest in the field and things you can take back to your own region. Vitalis plays a big role in the sector. It is a meeting forum for all people who have the same direction. It’s also very nice to finally meet physically again.”
– Barbro Olofsson, Region Stockholm

“I’m at Vitalis because I work with IT in healthcare and need to see what’s happening to pick up on it, potentially, and use it for our customers. I think Vitalis as a meeting place has been good, it has a great social value. It’s important to talk to people and find partners, but also to find out about things happening in the real world, research, and public authorities that can be useful in healthcare in Sweden.”
– Håkan Nevall, TechTrade


From exhibitors:

“Vitalis is a major priority for those of us working in the sector. It’s just as exciting every year and we’re really looking forward to it for many years to come. Vitalis is an important forum for us. It’s where we all have the common goal of solving the digitalisation issue for the regions and municipalities.”
– Suzana Johansson, Marketing Director Nordic, Tietoevry Care

“We are attending Vitalis to meet both existing and potential partners and customers. The interest has been great with many good and exciting meetings. We see great value in finally having the opportunity to meet IRL! This year’s Vitalis has exceeded expectations. There’s been so much activity that we almost didn’t have enough time. Incredible fun!”
– Gonzalo Galdi, Nordic Sales Manager, Vayyar

“We are attending Vitalis to showcase our experience of working with self-monitoring and to learn about other companies’ digital solutions. This year’s Vitalis has been great! There have been interesting lectures, demonstrations, good food and nice people!”
– Maria Frick Miles, Project Manager Västra Götaland Region, Skaraborg Hospital

“We attended Vitalis because we want to reach the Scandinavian market. We have a new office in Stockholm and wanted to meet new potential customers and we were told that Vitalis is the best place to do that. Vitalis was very good as there were not only many potential customers there, but also exhibitors who were interested in getting to know us and finding possible synergies. It was very good for us to meet the right people.”
– Julie Grandeau, Customer Success & Communication Manager, Qumea

“We took part in Vitalis to present our successful digital services called Capio Go and Capio Hemma. We not only wanted to meet potential customers but also to connect with other providers and find areas of cooperation to continue to drive the development of healthcare together. It went really well, and a lot of people came to talk to us. There have been many interesting conversations.”
– Cecilia Meurling, Operations and Development Manager, Capio

“The main purpose for our participation is to promote our region and to make new contacts. There are two strong clusters in our region that meet at this attractive venue (Life Science and IT), and it is important for us to be part of it. This year’s Vitalis was really good; there was a steady stream of interesting people and there was an exciting mix of visitors to our stand as well as exhibitors that we were able to seek out ourselves.”
– Kent Jellmund, Investment and Establishment Advisor ICT | FDI, BRG

“We participate in Vitalis to meet the needs of the Nordic health and care market. Those attending the conference are the target market for healthtech companies. In the five years that we have been there, we have seen more and more interest from those who come to the show and take a look. I think Vitalis is very valuable as the core of something that will hopefully continue to be a world leader.”
– Marianne Larsson, Director, HealthTech Nordic