200 seconds on stage with focus on the future connected health product

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Demo@vitalis is a part of the conference where new, groundbreaking products within Connected Health and eHealth are presented. A number of presenters are selected to showcase their innovations, with 200 seconds available. All selected speakers receives professional help with their presentation techniques from Vitalis and HealthTech Nordic for their demonstrations. The result is a compelling arrangement with quality assured live demonstrations, high energy and pulse.

Demo@vitalis 2019 is arranged together with Healthtech Nordic.

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Films from Demo@vitalis 2019:

Watch all films from Demo@vitalis 2019







Bitoreq AB – Eva Kongshöj
Brain+ ApS – Kim Baden
Dossier Solutions – Geir Arnhoff
Fysiotest Europa AB – Daniel Ericsson
Happy at Work – André Francois
JodaCare – Kristil Håland
Nabodev AB – Patrik Borneson & Mats Näs
Miiskin – Jon Friis
Learning to Sleep – Micael Gustafsson
Mevia – Jesper Hassel
Minnity – Katarzyna Hess-Wiktor
Tieto – Maria Kumle
MittVaccin – Joakim Backau & Helena Östregård
Sirenia Apps – Freddy Lykke