Medical Imaging@vitalis

Welcome to take part of a full day about the future of medical imaging as part of Vitalis 2017!

Welcome to take part of a full day about the future of medical imaging as part of Vitalis 2017!

Why integrated diagnostics?

Clinical studies have long proven that patient-centered care reduces variability, improves quality in clinical practice and patient outcomes and reduces cost. However, collaboration across different specialties is today very limited, mainly due to healthcare IT systems being built up as siloes around the department, incapable of exchanging data with each other. This provides barriers hindering integrated workflows and the necessary collaboration to improve patient outcomes.

Integrated diagnostics is defined as the seamless collaboration among diagnostic specialists with the goal of reducing the time and expense involved in diagnostic processes and providing clinicians with practical, actionable results. One important factor influencing the outcome is the IT infrastructure to allow bi-directional exchange of data between IT systems. In addition to accomplish integrated IT solutions, these must also support integrated workflows spanning across disciplines allowing physicians and care givers to share data, discuss with each others and realize an integrated diagnostics approach to diagnosis and treatment.

The Medical Imaging day will focus on the challenges in data exchange and collaboration that healthcare is facing today due to IT system interoperability and the potential opportunities hiding behind the doorstep if these could be resolved. The Medical day will also give real case examples where the integrated diagnostics approach has been adopted, how they did and the results in improved patient care and reduced costs.

Who is the day for?

We are hoping to see a broad assembly from you who is clinical active and/or strategist, looking for tools to drive the change and politicians and other stakeholders that can provide pre-requisites.