The Vitalis Scholarship

This year the Vitalis  scholarship will again encourage the development of integrated solutions that use IT to help break down traditional barriers between departments or healthcare providers, for the benefit of residents, patients and users. This may involve a product, project, method or working approach.

The scholarship was set up by Vitalis in partnership with Tietoevry Care. It is awarded annually to staff in healthcare and welfare who are using digital technology in new ways to develop innovative solutions that are easily accessible by users.

The coming years will see growing collaboration within and between healthcare providers, and between care givers, care recipients and relatives. Greater focus will therefore be placed on opportunities to share information. Improved collaboration between county and municipal welfare providers can make it possible to share needs more effectively and deliver the right care and rehabilitation. With the right support, care homes and care users’ own homes can become part of a networked care provision system.

This year we particularly want to highlight integrated solutions between departments or care providers that put the individual first. Other innovative solutions are also welcome to apply for the scholarship. Of special interest are innovations that help to share the burden on healthcare institutions, such as shifting the responsibility for rehabilitation, where possible.

We are keen to see innovations that offer demonstrable benefits for care users and patients, staff, organisations and/or social finances. It will be seen as an advantage if the innovation has already been implemented or a decision has been taken to implement it.

The scholarship is open to applications from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Scholarship sum
The scholarship sum is SEK 60,000 and it may be distributed as one or two grant(s) by the local authority and/or county council / region. The scholarship may also be awarded to private healthcare providers operating on behalf of a municipality or county council / region. In addition, the winner will get the chance to carry out a so called Discovery together with Tietoevry, in order to develop the innovation further. Value 90 000 SEK.

15 “minutes of fame”
Three finalists will have the chance to present their innovations as part of the Vitalis conference programme, after which the jury will select the final winner(s). This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of your innovation(s) and reach the right audience!

Scholarship jury
A scholarship jury will select the winner(s) of the scholarship. The jury will be made up of individuals with direct or indirect expertise in the healthcare and welfare sector.

Anyone in the healthcare and welfare sector can nominate candidates for the grant. Candidates must however be informed that they have been nominated. The decision of the jury is final.

Criteria for jury assessment:
– effects of the innovative activity
– how the innovation is implemented within the organisation
– opportunities for national application of the results
– inclusion with the application of a description of how the innovation benefits the individual (care user, user, patient, relative), staff in the municipality, county council or region, and/or the finances of the healthcare provider.

The scholarship candidates will be informed during spring 2022. The finalists will be given the opportunity to make a short presentation of their contribution as part of the Vitalis conference programme to enable the jury to designate a winner in each category. The scholarship will be awarded during Vitalis in Gothenburg.

Scholarship applications must have reached the jury by 1 April 2022. The finalists are responsible for their own hotel and travel costs to Vitalis, but will be given a conference pass. The winner(s) will also be given a ticket to the dinner and one night’s hotel accommodation after the celebration dinner.

If you have questions, please contact Patric Nilson, Head of SSP Nordic, Tietoevry, +46 (70) 292 5805, or Maria Sterner, Exhibition Manager for Vitalis, Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, +46 (0)31 708 82 35,

Personal information that is submitted with applications will only be used by the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre to administer applications.