Partnership & Visibility Services

As a partner to the Swedish Exhibition Centre trade shows, venues and events you have the opportunity to shine extra and extra clear!

Svenska Mässan attracts thousands of influential exhibitors and visitors with buying intentions to its B2B trade shows and exhibitions, and to its superb venue at the heart of Gothenburg. These provide an excellent platform for you to stand out from the competition and consolidate your brand or your company’s position as a market leader and innovator.

Svenska Mässan is itself recognised as a leading brand. Partnership therefore provides fantastic opportunities for joint content programmes, communication and marketing.
We offer a broad range of marketing packages.

Alternatively, we are delighted to work with you to tailor a solution to meet your specific objectives, whether this is to raise your company’s visibility, promote your brands, market your products and services or make concrete offers to our visitors. Together we will create a platform that will provide the optimum fit for your requirements and your budget, and will raise the commercial return on investment of your participation.

Some of our services are offered exclusively to one or a few companies, while others are open to several.

Download this brochure to see examples of our Partnership and Visibility Services for Vitalis 2020