Quotes of Vitalis 2020

"Based on the exceptional situation we are currently in, the fact that Vitalis currently are working on securing a new date is a very positive move. Vitalis is a unique arena for digitisation and an important opportunity for regions and counties, municipalities, private companies and the business sector to gain knowledge, share experiences and create new partnerships. I am also aware of the time and dedication that many people have put into creating this year’s conference program – in my opinion this makes it the most cutting edge knowledge event in Europe in the field of healthcare digitisation. It seems like a perfect wrap before the summer holidays as well as a source of energy to draw from at the start of autumn."
Patrik Sundström, Programme Manager, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKR)

”Our top priority is the health and security of our employeees and society. Based on the latest recommendation by the The Public Health Agency of Sweden and the fast moving development of the current situation, we fully support the decision made by Vitalis to secure a new date for the conference. Vitalis is an important arena for the development and and digitisation of society, and we look forward to gathering at Vitalis later this year to do that.”
Thomas Floberg, responsible for healthcare at Microsoft Sweden

”During the current circumstances, postponing Vitalis is the most responsible and constructive decision we can make. We are grateful for all the support we have had from our stakeholders in order to make this decision and we are working hard towards securing a date in June 2020.”
Maria Sterner, Business Manager, Vitalis