Quotes about Vitalis

A collection of quotes from visitors and exhibitors at Vitalis 2023

A collection of quotes from visitors and exhibitors at Vitalis 2023

This is what visitors say about Vitalis conference and exhibition

“It is a smorgasbord of quality knowledge from both exhibitors and speakers.”

MarieLouise Antonsson, System Specialist IT Department, Skåne Region

“It’s been great. Very many interesting presentations, covering a wide range of topics.”

Anders Åkerlund, Project Manager, Operations, Systems and Digitalisation, City of Malmö

“It’s important that we come together; we need to get better at working together. We can do that at Vitalis, so this is an important meeting place.”

Patricia Pommer, Head of Unit, City of Helsingborg

“The combination of the geographical spread of visitors and new technical solutions and digitalisation makes Vitalis a very important meeting place. It’s where you can exchange experiences and get inspiration.”

Anders Åkerlund, Project Manager, Operations, Systems and Digitalisation, City of Malmö

“Vitalis brings Sweden’s municipalities and regions together in one place. If we are to manage the transition towards high quality local care, it is important that we gather around this issue. Digitalisation is one of the opportunities and that’s why the fair is important!”

Katarina Völgy, Process Manager, Storstockholm

“This year Vitalis was, if possible, even more successful than usual. Everything from the speakers and the topics covered to the exhibition and all the exhibitors. For me as an innovation leader, it is super-efficient to be at Vitalis to network, see trends and have effective supplier meetings. I appreciate that there’s a lot of hard work behind getting all this in place in a perfect mix.”

Per Englund, Innovation Manager, Stockholm Region

This is what exhibitors say about Vitalis

“The majority of the Nordic region’s e-health stakeholders are gathered here, which is valuable!”

Ervin Alić, Senior Advisor/Project Manager and Business Leader, Innovation Norway

“The value of Vitalis is to make contacts and meet the right people for further dialogue.”

Martin Hedström, Sales/Account Executive, Pure Storage

“Vitalis gathers the right stakeholders that can cover our wide portfolio.”

Thomas B. Pedersen, Head of Marketing & Communications | Northern Europe M, Dedalus

“Vitalis is super fun! We get to come out and meet and show things for real, not just on a screen. We also get to interact with other partners and customers and have the opportunity to make things more concrete, not only on the stand but also together with other exhibitors. At Vitalis you get the feeling that we can make a real difference. We exhibit to meet our customers and partners and to show how we can support Swedish healthcare.”

Mats Sedlacek, Healthcare Lead/Sales Director Healthcare, Microsoft.

“There are not that many ideal events, so for us, Vitalis is crucial. Partly because it is on home turf and partly because we know which visitors it attracts. Vitalis is so well established, and everyone knows about it – that’s why everyone comes here! You can both create business and attend important conference seminars with very inspiring speakers. It’s also a place where we can be seen! There’s something for everyone here.”

Karin Grönroos, Marketing Manager, Carasent Sverige AB

“It’s great to meet all the customers and industry colleagues in person. This is the fifth year we are exhibiting so we have got to know a lot of people. It’s fun to have the opportunity to meet and talk outside the Team Room. Plus, all our customers are here, which creates value for us. The fair is always well organised by the Vitalis team, they do a great job every year!”

Vanja Engvall, Account Manager, Plattform24