Selection of focus tracks 2024

Get an overview of the program at Vitalis through the conference tracks, let them be a way to explore the program and discover new areas. Vitalis has a high goal of being able to present some of the conference’s presentations as cohesive tracks. These tracks are presented continuously as the program work progresses.

AI and information-driven care

This program track aims to raise questions about how we can introduce AI in a responsible way to improve care. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how AI can be developed, used and create value in healthcare and what challenges and opportunities come with this.

The program track is aimed at healthcare professionals, researchers and decision makers.

The European Health Data Space; a health specific ecosystem

The European Health Data Space, EHDS, means more efficient and safer sharing of health data, which is significant both for patients, healthcare professionals, academia and research.

However, there are many challenges both at national and international level within the four interoperability layers – technology, semantics, law and organization.

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National and international digital infrastructure

In our globalized society, Sweden's e-health development benefits from international influences and can learn from other countries' national digital infrastructures and digitization strategies, recognizing that while global healthcare digitization challenges are similar, the approaches to addressing them vary.

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Cyber security in the healthcare and welfare sector

While information security focuses on protecting data regardless of its form, and cyber security concentrates on safeguarding digital systems, the EU's NIS directives, including the expanded NIS 2, underscore the escalating importance of both in ensuring a high level of security across the European network and information systems amidst global changes.

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The medical record of the future - informatics in practice

This track delves into the future of medical journals, covering informatics basics, best practices, strategic decisions in Sweden and globally, standardization for patient care, and nursing informatics, emphasizing the application and implementation of eHealth initiatives from both caregiver and patient perspectives.

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Evaluation and research

In this track, we provide space for the dissemination of current scientific research where the focus during the presentations is customer/patient/system benefit. It is open to anyone doing research in the eHealth area to submit proposals for this track.

Welfare technology

The demographic challenge hits hardest within the elderly care activities, where the need will be greatest. New ways of working with the support of digital technology are therefore crucial. What does it look like with the introduction of welfare technology in the municipality? Experiences of the agreement, what has worked well and not well? Lessons learned and experiences?