Conference track:
The medical record of the future - informatics in practice

Visionary track about possibilities with the journal of the future and what we need to do to get there. The track partly covers the basics of informatics for those who do not work with it on a daily basis and partly best practice implementation and change work.

– Informatics in politics
Overview of ongoing strategic informatics decisions and orientations in Sweden as well as an international outlook. Focus on what affects IT work.

– Standardization for patient benefit
Here, space is given for presentations on topics such as Reducing Clinicians’ Burden, Standardization of AI as well as how to work with standards in everyday life, implementation and benefit.

– Nursing informatics
The Nursing informatics track provides knowledge and meeting places for areas of use for eHealth, various eHealth interventions and implementation of eHealth initiatives within healthcare both from a caregiver and care recipient context with a focus on nursing.

The program will be announced on March 5th and will subsequently be updated regularly on our website

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