Focus tracks Vitalis 2021

The Vitalis program board have an ambitious goal of being able to present some of the conference lectures as more coherent tracks. These tracks are presented continuously as the program work continues. Here is a preliminary summary

  • Rehabilitation and habilitation
    • A track on rehabilitation and habilitation (especially for adult patients). Where does the rehab issue go in Good quality, local health care – A primary care reform (SOU 2018:39)? When will we have MAR (medically responsible for rehabilitation) in all municipalities? Why do I get worse rehabilitation opportunities as an adult? Who takes responsibility for the transition to adulthood? This issue is even more relevant now given all the Covid patients who will have huge rehab needs. This plus so much more questions can be accommodated within the area.


  • The Swedish standardized care processes – will it be with or without digital tools?
    • In 2019, the national work on new standardized care processes started and the work is progressing at a rapid pace. The question is – will they use modern technology or will we settle old ways of working? Do we risk slowing down the pace of digitalisation or will the care processes give the digital transformation a boost? Listen to the latest happening at national level, learn from good examples and contribute your knowledge to future development.


  • Precision medicine
    • We will also continue in 2021 to discuss how to work with precision medicine information nationally and internationally. We are now looking for lecturers who work with this in healthcare, such as researchers and companies in the field. All the information that is created in precision medicine is a challenge to store, share and use due to the enormous amounts that exist and are constantly being created, and therefore we should be ready to receive it.


  • From reactive to proactive
    • What are the ongoing initiatives? How do we / Sweden bring together these initiatives for coherent care and nursing processes instead of loose fragments? What are the regulatory challenges and opportunities? Focus on the purpose and value being at both individual and system level.


  • Evaluation and research
    • Both the aspect of data-driven product and business development as well as scientific research with a focus on customer / patient / system benefits