Welfare Technology and Self-monitoring

– Solutions for safe homes and living

– Solutions for safe homes and living

The proportion of elderly people in Sweden is increasing, and new ways of working and new technologies are needed to meet the challenges in people’s own homes and in residential care homes. Welfare Technology and Self-monitoring – solutions for safe homes and living, is the name of a dedicated in-fair exhibition at Vitalis. It focuses on welfare technology, care and nursing at home, and the availability of residential care homes.

Welfare Technology and Self-monitoring will feature a comprehensive range of products, services and communications solutions that contribute to greater independence, involvement, safety and a better everyday life for many people. Examples include home monitoring, digital safety alarms, remote monitoring, GPS positioning, sensors, abnormal behaviour detection, mobile working methods, telemedicine, AI, robotics and other technology support.

On-stage programme in the exhibition area
Welfare Technology and Self-monitoring is included in the exhibition ticket.

Would you like to participate in the exhibition? Please contact:

Håkan Arenvid, Sales Executive
E-mail: hakan.arenvid@svenskamassan.se
Phone: +46 (0)31-708 8649