HealthTech Award

A cooperation between Vitalis and GREAT

A cooperation between Vitalis and GREAT

HealthTech Award is a cooperation between Vitalis and GREAT, celebrating health tech innovations that make a difference for people’s lives.

The prize is awarded to an innovative company based in Sweden providing a healthtech solution or product that has a proven positive impact on healthcare, prevention, prediction, health and/or quality of life.

The winner will be announced at the opening of Vitalis, the largest e-health event in Scandinavia.

The prize consists of:

  • Tailored innovation session with CGI, focusing on how to improve speed and value from the innovation process. Value 50 000 SEK.
  • A strategy workshop with HiQ, tailored to the winning company’s digital needs. Value 50 000 SEK.
  • Expert legal advice with MAQS
  • Present at one of GREAT’s events during 2022


Jury members

  • Charlotta Gummeson, CEO, Sahlgrenska Science Park
  • Erik Wilhelm Graef Behm, Vice chairman, GREAT
  • Frode Langmoen, Technology Executive Nordic Business Development and ISVs
  • IBM Global Business Partners
  • Helena Theander, Node Manager, AI Sweden
  • Jon Nilsson, Vice President Life Sciences, Government & Health, CGI
  • Lars Lindsköld, Regional Development Officer, Region Västra Götaland
  • Maria Sterner, Business Manager Vitalis
  • Margareta Wallenten, Director, Healthtech Nordic


Criteria for participation
Examples of the assessment criteria the jury is looking for:

  • Innovation
    A product, service or solution with valuable outcomes for the individual, patient, clinician or healthcare organisation.
  • Involvement of users/patients in development
  • Scalability and Market Potential
    The pathway to national and international growth, size of market.
  • Prediction
    Predictions that give the tools and insights for preventive health care
  • Sustainability
    Referring to Agenda 2030
  • Care outcomes
  • Social Impact
    Eg. jobs generated, impact on society and improved quality of life.


Entitled businesses may participate with several different products, services or solutions if they meet the criteria.

The award shines a light on healthtech innovations that can make a real difference in people’s lives. It’s a way to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and showcase ideas transforming healthcare and social welfare.” Maria Sterner, Manager Vitalis

We believe that digitalisation is an enabler for enhanced prediction and treatment of diseases. This award is in line with our ambition to collaborate and bridge the gap between technology solutions and needs within healthcare.” Jerker Lindsten, Chairman, GREAT

For more information, please contact:

Maria Sterner, affärsansvarig, Vitalis
tel +46 31 708 82 35

Tore Johnsson, styrelseledamot, GREAT
tel +46 70 602 20 90