Vitalis conference

The largest eHealth event in Scandinavia

The largest eHealth event in Scandinavia

Digitalisation in healthcare and welfare continues to be a topical subject of the public debate today. Vitalis 2021 will be the most relevant meeting place to shed light on current issues, attracting decision-makers from the health and social welfare community to join the debate and browse the market for new solutions.

Vitalis eHealth event 2021: digital conference and virtual exhibition
We will develop the successful concepts for the Vitalis Conference 2020. The conference will be held 18–20 May 2021. A big part of the content at the conference will be held in Swedish. The exhibition will be held virtually.

2021 topics include:

  • Future Health and Social Care
  • Health services
  • Decision Support
  • Quality and knowledge management
  • Digital Assistive Technology
  • Municipality eHealth
  • Social services
  • Welfare Technology
  • Elderly Care
  • AI
  • Technology
  • Patient safety
  • Cutting-edge health and medical technology
  • Healthcare Services
  • Remote Health Care
  • Home Care
  • Inhabitant/Patient needs
  • Cybersecurity, Information Security, Privacy
  • Change Management
  • Implementation
  • Self-care,Self-diagnostic
  • Medical Imaging
  • Precision Medicine
  • Crisis Readiness
  • Rehabilitation and habilitation
  • Mental health
  • Life Science
  • Other, eHealth


Come and be part of three days of knowledge building, networking and important discussions on the future of healthcare!

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