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Why do clinicians resent technology in the hospital?

15 May / 2019

Healthcare organisations are on a Digital Transformation journey and are having to radically rethink how technology, people, and processes need to change to improve outcomes for clinicians, and, most importantly, patients. To respond to the growing pressures and demands in our health and care systems it is as much a priority to understand how to deliver change as it is to implement technology that...

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Can we rely on AI in healthcare?

05 April / 2019

Artificial Intelligence is about to make a real breakthrough in healthcare. But just how effective and how reliable is the new technology? “Of course, decisions based on AI can be wrong. But the benefits outweigh the risks,” says Dr. Christian Guttmann, who will lead a highly interesting conversation at Vitalis. Christian Guttmann, associate professor and researcher in AI, is one of the worl...

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Meet your new doctor

14 March / 2018

Digital doctor visits, connected exam rooms and smart hospital robots. Swedish medical care is becoming ever more digital and Sweden’s ambition is to be a global leader in e-health. The road there travels through Vitalis, one of the world’s biggest trade fairs in the field. Health and social services comprises one of the industries in Sweden that is currently experiencing the fastest process of...

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Digital innovations providing smarter care for the elderly

06 March / 2018

A bed that records how you move at night. A bracelet that checks whether you brush your teeth. Two innovations for improving the lives of the elderly. “And, at the same time, create growth,” emphasises Mårten Lindskog, from Stockholm Digital Care, one of the exhibitors taking part in this year’s Vitalis. The special section for Smart Homes and Residential Care Homes will be featured at V...

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